Saturday, March 3, 2012

gonna change my bedroom theme again. seems my heart was purely faithfull to pink color eventhough im trying to change my favourite colour from pink to another color...but,its cant happen i think...becouse last two month,i bought new bedroom white set..its a modern bedroom set and all are in white,i think before my new bedroom set arrive, better i'll ask my brother to painting my, i'll go to hardware shop and choose seamaster paint...auuww..its quite expensive..first choice i have choose was the pink one,but suddenly im tried to make different for my new life..based on the therapist KPJ Specialist Hospital,yellow colour give calmful situation and then make some patient hat who is suffered from anaemia and to cure darah beku form brain and will give cool feeling inside of,i had no choice i'll choose yellow 1...but now,i gonna crazy with pink color again....for the god sake,does i have to rePAINT my bedroom or what???so confius aww =(......................

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