Thursday, July 26, 2012

impian itu

aku dan dia byk pasang impian bersama...cuma masa dan kos jadi penghalang...dia mmg pndai menabung...utk masa depan,aku pula byk perlu ditnggung...rasanya aku berharap sgt dapat masuk gomen punya sektor wlpn cuma pangkat pembantu tadbir...sebab byk kelebihan..sektor swasta gaji memang tinggi,tp byk konsprisai yg kadang-kadang buat aku takut... cadangan tahun depan bulan jun aku dan dia akan bernikh...sebab dah lama sangat hubungan kami..masing-masing saling menyintai..memahami...semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kami... keluarga aku?mcm biasa sejak kehadiran rayyan,makin ceria wlpn ada juga masalah yang kadang-kadang menguji kesabaran jiwa... karier?karier aku berjalan lancar,cuma aku dah seakan hilang minat dalam sektor ni..sebab full of stress yang tak pernah selesai...aku rasa nanti berkahwin,pening lah kepala aku.. langkah terbaik,aku perlu bertukar ke sektor kerajaan untuk masa depan lebih baik

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sometimes I just hate myself for doing some kind of stupid things

without a second thought..Or maybe with second thought? But when it comes to a complicated situation I just can’t make a right decision for what to do or what not to do..Then when few days/months/years later I flash back what I did/said were so stupid, like ‘why were I being so stupid for doing/saying such a foolish things?!’..In the past I was always doing stupid things, but NOW, I’m still, too…why can’t I avoid this problem? Oh why, oh why? :( *that’s ma forever kind of unsolvable problem.

truth is.........

We were all seems happy with our own life, but now we are facing a lot of pressures & problems..Everyone having their very own problems…We are not longer the younger us now.

siakap kicap berempah

ini lah dunia aku sebenar...di dapur..ahak...wlpn nmpk aku n seorang eksekutif,tp bab masak,aku lah umpama bibik..weekend,sabtu n ahad,ada ja aku nak,ikan siakap ni sengaja terbeli masa aku date dgn mr jai..hehe..kt giant kulm ada promosi..aku beli dan cadang nak masak siakap kicap berempah..dan hasilnya sedap jugak....semua suka...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Okay now I’m gonna accept the truth..

I’m actually FAT. I was not afraid of being fat or what before that’s why I keep on eating, like I must have at least 1 time a week visit the fast food restaurant, I also quite often eat lamb chop & junk food like chocolates the most. A lot of cold sweet drinks of course :P & now my size turn from M/L to XL, if I wear size M/L it makes me suffer a little now T-T Sexy no more, (I can’t wear any kind of shirts that has no sleeves & that kind of fit size singlet makes me look like I’m pregnant) So I must lose weight back to that normal M size >.< But..there are too many great food outside, I always told myself this is the last time but then when the situation came I would told myself again ‘It’s okay that’s only sekali-sekala” lol…how can I stop myself from all of these..


Marriage is not a game, not a ‘“happy ending” of a couple, but a lifetime story. You’re gonna spend your life with him/her, not 2 years, not 10 years, but until the last day of your life. Therefore, never take marriage as a joke, never be too rush to get married with someone, don’t ever married to someone that will makes you regret forever.

Fact 1

I've have cronic acne problem at mt face since 18 when i further my study and thats Makes me "trauma" to further study again

Saturday, July 7, 2012

shopping is the best medicine

aha :-D..yesterday i was getting my salary for last,when i've got my salary,i will think to buy something for myself :-)...but,in my situation just now (i have preparing for my engagement day), i'll become too stingy and too choosy to buy somtething..i dont know why :-(..and for yesterday, i've has been called went for an interview by suruhanjaya perkhidmatan awam (SPA) at,my dad was not allowed me to drive for my own to go,he's bring me family (except my bro) was coming, i'll planned to go Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera)...we spent around 4 hours up there and then when we arrive Seberang jaya, my dad suggest to hop on at carrefour since at Kulim got Tesco, Giant,we never go there, i'll looking for booklet case (new trend for smartfon cover) for my galaxy ace but im never found dat at kulim, if i found the price was too expensive for me(its raising around RM100.00)..finally, i have found dat booklet casing at carrefour at one of stall there),so im without thinking further,i bought the pink colour one for my galxy ace and white one for my spent around RM70 just for the two item..(oh no....)...and i'll go around again and again and i'll found one shoes boutique dat sale to move out to other places and a pair of shoes i'll havee bought..the shoes was of branded and too expensive for me...but,its sell it with 50% off....i'll gonna crazy and then i buy Dr.Cardin shoes brand by only at RM55.90 after discount(usual price before off is RM129.00).....