Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sometimes I just hate myself for doing some kind of stupid things

without a second thought..Or maybe with second thought? But when it comes to a complicated situation I just can’t make a right decision for what to do or what not to do..Then when few days/months/years later I flash back what I did/said were so stupid, like ‘why were I being so stupid for doing/saying such a foolish things?!’..In the past I was always doing stupid things, but NOW, I’m still, too…why can’t I avoid this problem? Oh why, oh why? :( *that’s ma forever kind of unsolvable problem.

truth is.........

We were all seems happy with our own life, but now we are facing a lot of pressures & problems..Everyone having their very own problems…We are not longer the younger us now.

siakap kicap berempah

ini lah dunia aku sebenar...di dapur..ahak...wlpn nmpk aku n seorang eksekutif,tp bab masak,aku lah umpama bibik..weekend,sabtu n ahad,ada ja aku nak,ikan siakap ni sengaja terbeli masa aku date dgn mr jai..hehe..kt giant kulm ada promosi..aku beli dan cadang nak masak siakap kicap berempah..dan hasilnya sedap jugak....semua suka...