Thursday, January 12, 2012

my rutin be rigbt back to normal...

my rutin will back to usual...everyday,wake up ear;y in the morning by 6 o'clock and my lil brother put me into trouble becouse he's very close wif me cos im always pampered him damn,damn much..absolutely,office hour around 9 till 6 p.m...offday saturday and sunday(time to hang out wif boyfie), i have to prepared and not to picky to buying a new stuff such as handbag(dat can afford to bring ipad,fon,purse,etc)...most important thing is to buy a pair of new shoes because before dis(when stdying at Melaka),i love to buy voir,vincci and nose brand...but,since im graduate,totally im get bored wof that brand cos its always produced and make same pattern(my opinion) and im decided to stop my addicted to buying new shoes..but,its also put me into trouble because to survive on my career,its compulsory for me to manae and concern more about my boyfie and family have started to nagging at me and they dont want me to always put 'glue gum' at my shoes,im already decide to shopping at least two pair formal shoes for dis month.