Friday, July 13, 2012

Okay now I’m gonna accept the truth..

I’m actually FAT. I was not afraid of being fat or what before that’s why I keep on eating, like I must have at least 1 time a week visit the fast food restaurant, I also quite often eat lamb chop & junk food like chocolates the most. A lot of cold sweet drinks of course :P & now my size turn from M/L to XL, if I wear size M/L it makes me suffer a little now T-T Sexy no more, (I can’t wear any kind of shirts that has no sleeves & that kind of fit size singlet makes me look like I’m pregnant) So I must lose weight back to that normal M size >.< But..there are too many great food outside, I always told myself this is the last time but then when the situation came I would told myself again ‘It’s okay that’s only sekali-sekala” lol…how can I stop myself from all of these..

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