Friday, February 24, 2012

my mandarin class going to start by NEET WEEK..

...its such a funny thing that i had done in my life...naturally inside of me, im really love to learn a new thing for a whole in my, sometimes im easilly get bored in my daily routine,i like to add on my knowledge about all thing's happen in the,i'll choose to take mandarin language course for 6 months to add more value on my life and my career espescially(nak jadi macam china la ni),im already registered it since last year but i dont have enough time and got another job to do at that time,now im,every sunday,friday and wednesday i will go for my mandarin class(aku suka kuasai banyak bahasa untuk masa depan)....since,my klient at office mostly pure chinese and they never know to to speak malay and english very well...furthermore,to achieve a great job on ur career,u must to able speak more than 3 languages...and its lucky for me because my mom was a pure thailand girl and she's already trained me to speak in thai sign languages...and when im studied before,i'll take arabic languages but i just can talk basic arabic only..

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